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Titus Toh, 59 years old

I suffered a slipped disc injury some 40 years ago.  Since then I have been living my years with constant backaches and back spasms. I have tried all avenues to reduce and relieve these backaches and spasms, for example acupuncture, chiropractor, medication, injections, bed rest, etc. However, I noticed that it was getting more frequent in my later years.  There were many times that a major spasm occurred from an insignificant activity or action like just bending forward when brushing my teeth or when I sneezed or coughed. I also noticed that my back tightened up and at times back spasm just from my anticipation of a golf outing on the next day. And I had to drop out of the game due to these attacks.  I also experienced ankle and knee aches during an hour jog. I would stop immediately and try to rest my ankles or knees. And usually these aches would last for a few days before fully recovering.


Such above listed experiences reduced significantly in the past few months after I was introduced to Pain Science. I participated in 6 sessions of Pain Coaching with Adele, this started in April 2020. My pain management changed with the new knowledge of Pain Science concepts. My ankle and knee aches no longer stop me from jogging.  I am able to overcome these aches within seconds/minutes and am able to complete my jogging routine.  I also successfully completed 18 holes of golf last Thursday with no backaches or back spasm before, during and after the game.  

Thanks Adele for opening this door of recovery for me!



Cecile Fagot, 31 years old


     Jason Kam, 36 years old 

I have been suffering from pain on my upper back, shoulder and arm pain for months. It got to a point where I was afraid to do any upper body exercises that I decided to see a doctor for an MRI scan. The scan did not reveal anything besides normal wear and tear.

I was referred to Adele and those few initial sessions changed everything.  She helped me understand my body better as well as how I should strengthen my body.  Much more importantly is the psychological aspect, getting over the fear of using my left arm and discovering that mental stress and lack of good pain management had contributed to my problems.  Adele's introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and the exercises involved were pivotal in this aspect.

I am deeply grateful to Adele , had I gone to her earlier I would not have suffered as such.


Pain Coaching with Adele has been a great and surprising experience!

Adele is a kind and compassionate coach, who brings a deep desire to help people coupled with great knowledge of her field.

I have had chronic tendonitis and pain for over a year, preventing me to exercise and move freely, and I was about to give up ever resolving it, accepting this as the “new normal”. Over the work with Adele, I learnt how my body pains work and how to handle it, as well as solving my fear of hurting myself again. I’m now able to exercise again, have recovered my body strength but more importantly, I am now able to trust myself and my body to move without pain. Which is liberating!

I’m incredibly grateful for the work we did together and I would recommend her to anyone who need help with their pain. 



Isaac Sim, 36 years old

Thank you so much for introducing ACT to me and for helping me to live and sit with my emotions, and reassuring me that it’s okay. While a big part of my pain seems physical because of the brain operation and subsequent pain in the head and face, I have come to realise that my inner self and mental pain is even more in need of attention. I have truly been blessed to be introduced to you and the idea of pain coaching. But you have coached me in more than just my physical and mental pain. You have helped me in so many areas of my life that I proudly call you my life coach to my friends and family. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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