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Love to Move…like children

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Exercise can be a ‘dirty word’ for some people. If you were born at a time when common conveniences like the family car and remote controls were non-existent. You probably do not need to exercise as you will move around quite a lot on a typical day.

If you really hate the thought of doing exercises, hate getting hot and sweaty in a gym or having a run in a park. Then don’t do it. I am a strong advocate of doing it because you love to do it. Love the process and don’t just do it for the result.

Those of you who hate to exercise actually forgot how as a kid you loved to run around, play games and you were moving all the time. And as you were doing all this, you were having fun and loving it. Everyone is born to move and everyone loved doing it once upon a time, they just forgot how to do it.

It is time to recapture the freedom of movement that children have. Here are some thoughts and ideas to start moving more often and more freely, like children.

1. Fidget when sitting

A common question asked is ' what is the best sitting posture one should have?" And the answer is that firstly if you should sit long, it should be relatively effortless and relaxed. Oftentimes its not the posture that is the problem, but it is the stationary posture without moving that is the problem.  S

So move even while seated. Fidget on the chair. This may mean sitting on the edge of the chair, or moving to a more relaxed posture by leaning back, crossing left leg over right and changing to right leg over left.  Essentially its to move even while seated.

Set a timer in your phone to get up from your chair regularly. Standing desks are much more easily available now for home purchase. Try to alternate stand and sit for your work if possible. Another effective strategy is to hydrate regularly and you will then have to stand up and go to the washroom, a great way to move.

2. Get down to the floor

If you are starting to dread squatting due to painful knees or tight hips and ankles, you are losing an important function which is to easily get onto the floor and back up. Losing strength in your leg muscles and losing joint movements in your hips and knee can ultimately affect your ability to run, climb stairs and even walk.

Children move easily on the ground, they squat, crawl, sit cross-legged and lie on their tummy easily. Try and spend more time on the floor, get into different postures and positions on the floor. The key here is to not assume one specific posture again but to be playful and explore different postures on the floor.

3. Hop, Skip and Jump

If you have not gone and have a run or jogged for some time, you might have not hopped, skipped or jumped for an even longer time. Remember playing hop-scotch, try it again, teach your kids how to play hopscotch, it is a great way to have fun, connect with your kids and move. You may feel like a kid again and realise moving your body is really fun.

Ask yourself, what else could you do to play and move more? Maybe play some music and dance by yourself in the bedroom, or practise some of those yoga postures which you did in a yoga class some years ago. Could you maybe follow a 15 minute workout video for beginners? Could you also use that time to catch up with a friend by going for a brisk walk together? The options are endless. Start small and very soon, you will remember that you love to move, like children.

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