Nurse Talking to Patient


  • a highly effective approach to treating persistent chronic pain​

  • scientific based approach using knowledge from pain science, physiotherapy and human physiology

  • provides lasting results for pain and not just symptomatic relief

  • an individualised approach targeted at understanding your pain and resolving it.


Pain science tells us that chronic pain is a product of an interaction between our mind and our body, not just a problem that lies in our body.  Understanding your pain is the first step to recovery. Learning new knowledge, highly effective skills and exercises for your mind and your body to change both you and your pain, is much more effective, then receiving a treatment passively for your body. If you have been receiving passive treatment such as chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and massage therapy which has helped for awhile but you are still experiencing pain. Then including your mind with your body in treating pain is going to give you much better results. 

BODYMAP PAIN-COACHING SYSTEMS is supported by pain science, I have attached an animated video here and a lecture presentation here, given by a pain science researcher, Professor Lorimar Moseley. I strongly recommend that you watch these videos.  In addition, I will provide a free 30 min phone or online consult to determine if you are suitable for the program.


BPS is not a replacement of, medical advice and medical prescriptions from your attending doctors. All patients are advised to see their doctors first to rule out serious pathology, such as a tumour or infection, before starting this program.

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