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Providing best practice physiotherapy, partnering with you to regain physical mobility, strength and function. For pain conditions, sports injuries, occupational injuries, post surgical and illness rehabilitation.  

Pain Coaching


Pain neuroscience research has changed the understanding of pain for the past 20 years. This new understanding has yet to be adopted by mainstream medicine in helping people with pain, for a variety of reasons. 


1-1 Pain coaching is the best evidence guided approach to addressing persistent pain which has lasted more than 3 months. It has shown to be most effective for chronic back and neck pain, headaches, chronic hip and shoulder pain as well. It comprises of a six, 1-hourly weekly sessions.

If you have already seen your doctor, did MRI or scans, and received treatment in the form of physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractor etc and you are still experiencing pain, then pain coaching is most suitable for you.

I will conduct a free 30 min phone call discussion with you to find out more about you and tell you more about pain coaching, to help decide whether you would be a suitable candidate for pain coaching. You can reach me at 65 96495977.







Building a network of like-minded people to support people with persistent pain. 

A team of healthcare professionals who specialise in working with mind and body and optimising health and recovery, as well as people who has recovered from persistent pain and would like to give back to help others.

As a community, having experienced positive change, we can help others by continual learning and sharing of information.  We can continue to pass the torch of hope and healing for persistent pain which did not respond to conventional medical and mainstream treatments.

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